nave-crociera-cruis-shore-excursion-romeIf you decide to travel with us as soon as you get off your ship, you will find our driver on the dock, waiting for you with a sign bearing your name. From that point on, you can  simply relax and enjoy the trip. We will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. Seated in absolute comfort, you can take in the view and, if you choose, chat with the driver in English.



Cancellation free of charge when made at least 48 hours on advance
PRICE INCLUSIVE, even VAT tax – terms and conditions

As a rule, cruise ships let off their passengers early in the day, and so it will probably be a few hours before your hotel room is ready.
If you would prefer not to leave your luggage in the hotel lobby and wander around tired and disoriented until check-in time, we have thought of how to solve that problem too:  a welcome tour.
In the comfort of our vehicles, so that you can get a first taste of the city, thanks to a route designed to give you a look at many of the beauteous splendours of the Eternal City while you sit back and relax. You can take your first photos and share them on social networks or make video calls against Rome’s breathtaking backdrops.

And why not do the same when it is time to go home, if your plane only leaves in the afternoon, taking advantage to spend a few more hours touring Rome?

Quote and book your Exclusive transfer ( 10% discount for back trip)


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