How do I reserve my transfer?

You can only reserve one of our transfers or excursions on-line, in the sections of our website set aside for the purpose. Once you have completed the procedure,  you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

What does “credit card guarantee” mean?

First of all, there will be no extra charges on your card.
If you decide to pay directly to the driver, then you will be asked to provide the identifying information for a currently valid credit card as a guarantee, in order to complete the reservation.
we WILL CHARGE your credit card only in the event of a “No Show”, should you fail to cancel in time or leave the pick-up spot with a different driver or the wrong driver, or leave the pick-up spot without calling Customer Care to help you locate your driver.
Can I pay for the services requested with a credit card?

Of course. Those who choose to pay with a credit card receive a discount of 5%. Payment can also be made through the PayPal circuit.


What are the deadlines for cancelling my reservation?

If you cancel at least 48 hours before pick-up, there is no charge ( 3% of charge using PayPal )
Between 48 and 24 hours in advance, 30% of the price will be charged.
Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, or a “no show”,  will result in a charge of 100% of the price.

When is a service considered to be a “no show”?

We make a “no show” charge for a reservation when the clients fail to appear at the pick-up site after the agreed-to waiting times and without having contacted us .

At airports: 60 minutes after landing
At train stations: 30 minutes after the arrival of the train
At the port: 30 minutes after the agreed-to pick-up time
At the accommodations or address indicated by the client: 20 minutes after the agreed-to pick-up time.

Where are the pick-up sites for meeting the driver?

At airports:
Fiumicino – the established meeting point at the arrivals terminal
Ciampino: on the steps just outside the terminal (drivers are not allowed to wait for passengers inside)

At railway stations:
The Termini Station – in front of the pharmacy next to track 1
The Tiburtina Station: in the square in front of the main entrance
The Ostiense Station: in the parking area just outside the entrance to the station.

Hotels: we shall ask for you at the reception desk.
Apartments: – if the building has an intercom system, we shall ring for you; otherwise we shall wait for you outside the front door.


What are the travelling times with normal traffic conditions?
Rome – Fiumicino Airport /vv  50 mins.
Port of Civitavecchia  – Fiumicino Airport /vv  60 mins.
Rome – Port of Civitavecchia /vv  90 mins.


Will I find my driver if my flight arrives early or late?

We shall constantly control the status of your flight, so as to always be prepared, but please keep us informed all the same, if you are able.


How will I recognise the driver at the airport?
You will only find the driver whose services you have reserved at the meeting point of the arrivals terminal.
Once you have found the driver holding the sign with your name, please MAKE SURE that he REALLY is your driver.  If he does NOT KNOW where you are going or the price you are paying,
Leaving with the wrong driver, or a different one, will result in a “No Show” charge. Please BEWARE of fake drivers at airports and in ports.
When in doubt, call Customer Service.

Of course not. If your ship is late, your driver will wait for you and will carry out the tour as planned. Or the tour will be rescheduled,  based on when your ship does arrive.


Terms of Use / Vehicles:
If the vehicle that you asked for is not available, a similar vehicle will be supplied.

Are entry fees included wiith tours?

No, our tour prices DO NOT include entry fees, private guides or meals, unless stated otherwise on the reservation form.
For the Vatican tour, we recommend that you purchase tickets in advance to avoid the long lines and to take the tour when you wish. We can provide transportation and a Vatican guide upon request.

**The Vatican does not have pre-reserved entry tickets for the last Sunday of the month, when entry is free, meaning that the line – and the wait – to get in will definitely be lengthy. Our advice is to not tour the Vatican on Sundays, if possible.


During your transfer, our driver may have to make or take brief calls, but only for work. The driver will always use the phone with the earphone required by law. It is part of his job, so we ask you to please bear with us.

Our vehicles are all smoke-free and kept clean and fresh for our clients throughout the working day.  We do not permit smoking or eating inside the vehicles.  If you absolutely must do one or the other, please ask your driver to make a quick stop, when possible.

Of course the driver will. If our drivers go over the speed limit and they are stopped, then points are take off their license.  If you feel uncomfortable with the speed, simply ask the driver to slow down.

Though you can take many tours on your own, using an audio guide, to get the most out of the most important sites of some of our tours, such as the Vatican Museum & the Sistine Chapel, or the Pompeii archaeological site, we recommend using a tour guide.

We do not include tips in our rates, we prefer to leave this up to you. Of course our driver will definitely welcome your appreciation of a job well done. A 5-10% tip is the custom, if you approved of the service

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