shore-trip-rome-civitavecchiaThe problem with making any on-line purchase is trust, given that you cannot look the person selling you the product in the eye.
And in our case, we are hundreds of miles away.
We could suggest you get an  idea of how we work by reading reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor.
But you will find very few there, because Rome Exclusive Cab was only founded on 6 February 2017.
We have made a point of not resorting to fake reviews, as a great many other companies appear to do.

It seems only right, therefore, that we briefly introduce ourselves.

Our names are Marco and Simone. We have combined our know-how and skills to create an array of services that we felt was almost completely missing in Rome.

Marco has years of experience in the tourism industry. Having started as an employee at a small travel agency, until he was ultimately able to open his own business as a tour operator specialised in travel to the South Pacific.
Simone acquired his experience in the transportation sector, starting out by managing a fleet of tourist buses. After which he did the same with a private limousine service

Both of us were looking for a new challenge. So we invested all our resources, along with those of others who believe in our idea, to build a new transportation company from the ground up.
We are looking to meet the needs of people who do not want to be shipped from point A to point B like a parcel or, worse yet, like a tourist to be taken advantage of at all costs.

This project is unique.

We want you to make the most of your time in Rome.
We want this to take place in the utmost comfort and security.
To do so, we cannot lure you in with cut-rate prices.
We charge prices that are fair for the service provided, and the figure you see is the final price.
Without any surprises, and with the required taxes included, seeing that any company which respects its clients and the country in which it operates should be happy to pay its taxes.
We started with This is approach. Knowing that, over time, we will be able to improve and expand on it.

…thanks in part to you and any advice you wish to give us, which we shall always be glad to accept.

Our wish is not simply to take you somewhere, but to make sure that your travel with us adds something to your vacation in Rome.

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