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Sweet dreams in Civitavecchia

There are several kind of travellers, then there are infinite way to build up a journey. Cruisers that are going to start their mediterranean cruise from Civitavecchia, often, choose between three solutions on arrival. Spending some days in Rome before to embark...

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Quick guide to italian language

Many people who visit Rome are wary of how to move about the city, especially upon their arrival, when they find themselves, tired and on-edge from the journey, thrown into the far from efficient reality of  public transportation in Italy’s capital city. Quite often...

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How to plan your tour of Rome

...a quick Rome guide to help you to build up your tour through the wonders of the city. Below you will find some proposed routes to visit the city of Rome in complete autonomy. Each one has its own group of wonders to see, not always close to each other. If you have...

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Ciampino Airport Map: find your driver in five steps

Ciampino is a small airport. There is only one rule: driver can't wait for you in the arrival hall. You have to get out and you will find him/her showing a sign with your name on. Follow our five steps guide illustrated on our map to find your driver quickly and...

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Limousine service from Civitavecchia to Rome or airports

If you are having a cruise and you don’t know how to move from Civitavecchia to reach the airport or if you don’t want to lose the opportunity to visit the Eternal City, you can simply contact us and we will give you any required information for your transfer. Book...

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Transfer from Railway Stations to Rome

 Main train stations in Rome At first Termini Station was quite the only main station in Rome,  but now, thanks to the liberalization of railway lines ( main companies are Trenitalia and NTV, there are two other efficient stations:  Tiburtina and Ostiense. Termini is...

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    What are the deadlines for cancelling my reservation?

    If you cancel at least 48 hours before pick-up, there is no charge ( 3% of charge using PayPal )
    Between 48 and 24 hours in advance, 30% of the price will be charged.
    Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, or a “no show”,  will result in a charge of 100% of the price.

    When is a service considered to be a “no show”?

    We make a “no show” charge for a reservation when the clients fail to appear at the pick-up site after the agreed-to waiting times and without having contacted us .

    At airports: 60 minutes after landing
    At train stations: 30 minutes after the arrival of the train
    At the port: 30 minutes after the agreed-to pick-up time
    At the accommodations or address indicated by the client: 20 minutes after the agreed-to pick-up time.

    Where are the pick-up sites for meeting the driver?

    At airports:
    Fiumicino – the established meeting point at the arrivals terminal
    Ciampino: on the steps just outside the terminal (drivers are not allowed to wait for passengers inside)

    At railway stations:
    The Termini Station – in front of the pharmacy next to track 1
    The Tiburtina Station: in the square in front of the main entrance
    The Ostiense Station: in the parking area just outside the entrance to the station.

    Hotels: we shall ask for you at the reception desk.
    Apartments: – if the building has an intercom system, we shall ring for you; otherwise we shall wait for you outside the front door.


    What are the travelling times with normal traffic conditions?
    Rome – Fiumicino Airport /vv  50 mins.
    Port of Civitavecchia  – Fiumicino Airport /vv  60 mins.
    Rome – Port of Civitavecchia /vv  90 mins.

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